Rewards For A Cause helps organizations earn donations when supporters shop online at 900+ of the most trusted and loved retailers while participating shoppers receive amazing travel savings with each purchase they make.

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Create your account and receive $100 in travel savings credits absolutely FREE, just for signing up! And, when you register with Rewards For A Cause, we’ll make it easy for you and automatically enroll you on  


Shop online at any of the 900+ retailers and get travel savings credits (up to 250%) with every purchase you make. Best of all, participating charities/schools earn cash for their cause when you shop (no extra purchase necessary). 

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Use your travel savings credits on to unlock wholesale deals on hotels, car rentals and fun travel activities. 

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As we’ve all seen and read lately, times are tough and schools, charities and other nonprofits are facing major challenges. Year after year, organizatons have to work harder to raise money for their programs. In this digital world where shopping on the web is at its peak, Rewards For A Cause helps organizations capitalize on this growth trend by providing a merchant-funded solution that earns revenue when supporters shop online at stores they love and trust like Macy's, Wal-Mart, Target, Amazon, etc...  

For supporters who participate, there's no additional purchase. They shop online at their favorite retailers like they normally would, but through Rewards For A Cause. 

As a special thank you, your supporters who participate in our online shopping program, will receive travel savings credits for every dollar they spend (up to 250%). They can use their travel credits to unlock unbeatable wholesale rates on hotels, car rentals and travel activities on Best of all, with every purchase, your organization will earn 3% of the amount of travel savings credits earned by your supporters. 


Focus Right Marketng.

Launched in 2001, FRM has built a business that is based on providing organizations with effective loyalty reward solutions that are relevant, useful and provide exceptional value to their core customer base. Over the past 4 years, we helped over 50 organizations like U-Haul, and Pandora Radio, give its customer base access to exclusive wholesale travel benefits.  

Today, we service over 165,000 satisfied members and strive to provide significent savings that help make a positive financial impact in peoples lives.

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